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The Build

We work in the elements when we build our huts outside our home on The Black Isle, so know the conditions these huts have to endure in the Scottish Highlands. For this reason we have developed a few alternative methods that you wouldn't see from a competitors Shepherds Hut:


Our roofs are constructed from marine grade ply, which is then overlayed with fiberglass and resin, and finished in a gel top coat. A fiberglass roof will last for more than 30 years with no visual deterioration, will have less heat loss and is very strong and lightweight. 

This is a more expensive way of doing a Shepherds Hut roof, but we believe it's a better surface to face the battering the harshest climate in the UK can throw at it:

"Pound for pound fiberglass is stronger than sheet metal but it will not rust – perfect for outside use or in locations near water, especially salt water. ... Unlike metal, plastic, and wood; fiberglass has the least expansion and contraction with heat, cold and/or stress."

A metal roof in cold conditions can suffer condensation on the underside, even a well insulated roof can develop this issue, which will ultimately cause damp on the inside of your hut.

We Offer a 25 year guarantee on our fiberglass roofs. Ask any of our competitors if they will offer you that on their metal roof!

 -However we understand that some people love the tradition, so we can still provide a rolled metal roof, although not with that sort of guarantee. 

Some more interesting bits to know.

We use reclaimed cast iron wheels that are well over 50 years old, have stood the test of time and add a rustic touch, in keeping with the tradition and rural nature of a shepherds hut.

Our wooden Chassis is fixed and built from pressure treated heartwood.

The hut is completely wrapped in a waterproof, breathable membrane and fully insulated- floor, walls and ceiling with EarthWool, which is made using recycled glass bottles.

The exterior can be finished in Larch or our signature distressed paint work using Spruce- Although we can offer Ceder and Oak cladding on request!

We can provide a range of plastic, composite or handmade wooden windows and doors, all are fully double glazed. This means we can offer many different styles and configurations to suit your style, budget and location.

The Ultimate in a Luxury Space

Heating- We offer a range of heating options, including multi fuel and wood burning stove, Calor Provance gas stove heater, underfloor heating and space saving designer radiators.

Flooring- Options include Solid Wood (oak), Bordeaux Pine (Parquet, Herringbone, Burnt Pine), Laminate, Vinyl and Tile (bathroom only).

Kitchen- Bespoke units with hard wood worktop. These can be as simple or fully furnished as you want. Whether you fancy a bit of worktop to make a cuppa, or a well equipped space fitted out with all the kit.

Bathroom- A choice of "normal" plumbed in toilet or eco options that include: Separett Composting (waterless toilet) or hand built Thunder Box composting loo, basin and shower, perfect for glamping accommodation where your site has no access to drainage! 

Bed and seating- Again with many options available, we can provide a super comfy fixed double bed, pull out day bed, bunks, pull down bed over folding table with benches and more.... all with different storage options. 

We can hand craft and upholster a range of furniture too using high quality, traditional materials, so the interior design choices are vast.

We offer a "plug and go" service which means on the day your hut is delivered it is ready to go*, for you and your family to enjoy, or start making your business revenue.

Contact us today to discuss the almost unlimited possibilities. We can't wait to work with you to perfect your ideal Shepherd hut. 

*Subject to customer site preparations.

"Snowy Shepherds Hut"

Our Shepherds Huts are crafted in such a way as to ensure they can be enjoyed all year round!